Man caught in the no-go zone at Manchester Airport said he was trying to get a flight back to Eritrea

A man got by security authorities in a limited zone at Manchester Airport asserted he was attempting to get a trip back to his nation of origin. 

Examiner Nick Smart told the court that on January 18 at 7.05pm, police got a call from air terminal staff revealing a ‘potential penetrate of security’. 

“Police joined in and he was captured on doubt of being an unapproved presence in a security confined region under Section 21C of The Aviation Security Act 1982.” 

“He reveals to me he has no movement reports and he took the choice to enter the air terminal and go airside trying to get on a plane back to Eritrea. 

“He wishes to re-visitation of Eritrea given the legitimate application and he would even now have the option to go to the air terminal given he had the pertinent records, nothing has been forced to prevent him from going to Eritrea.” 

– Man trapped in an off limits area at Manchester Airport said he was …