Locusts inflicted no significant damage on crops, MOA

Compelling and purposeful desert insect attack control measures are in progress all through the nation and no critical harm has been perpetrated on harvests and vegetation up until now, the advertising office of the Ministry of Agriculture announced. 

The report expressed that the main flood of desert insect swarm intrusion that showed up in mid-August 2020 was put leveled out and successful and coordinated measures are in progress to put leveled out the desert grasshopper swarm attack that went over the outskirt from Ethiopia beginning from 16 October. 

As per Mr. Tedros Seyoum, head of relocating nuisances’ unit at the Ministry of Agriculture, coordinated desert grasshopper control tasks have been directed in more than 30 thousand hectares of land all through the nation up until this point. 

Noticing that the Southern Region is the most influenced region by the rushes of cross visitor grasshopper attacks, Mr. Hagos Haile, head of plant wellbeing unit in the Region said that effective beetle control measures have been embraced in more than 18 thousand hectares of land at the Southern Region, on account of the early arrangement, convenient and coordinated reaction. 

Mr. Hagos featured that more than 160 thousand hectares of land has been developed in the Southern Region this year and that the insects have delivered harm on just 623 hectares of harvests, which is 0.38% of the all out developed farmland in the area. 

Essentially, Mr. Asrat Haile, head of plant improvement in the Central Region on his part expressed that successful and purposeful control tasks have been attempted on more than 6 thousand hectares of land. 

Mr. Asrat further said that insects exacted harm on just 5 hectares of land.