JCPS Students From Immigrant Families Earn Big Scholarships

Omar De La Osa Febles and his family moved to the United States from Cuba when he was youthful. 

At the point when I am struggling, I recollect my time as a kid in Cuba,” De La Osa Febles said. 

He is a top understudy at Fern Creek High School, with a 4.3 GPA. He’s likewise associated with various extracurricular exercises. 

De La Osa said he was grinding away when he discovered that he would be going to Dartmouth College with a long term, all-costs paid grant. 

I realized that in a couple of months I would be going to probably the best school in the nation for nothing,” De La Osa Febles said while reviewing the second he learned of the large news. 

“I’d prefer to thank the Ivy Plus Academy, which is essential for my school, for encouraging me see past the state schools I needed to go to and causing me see that I could go to one of these schools outside the state,” De La Osa said. 

De La Osa Febles’ mom was a specialist in Cuba. 

He intends to study science and ecological science, with plans to later go to clinical school to turn into a specialist, much the same as his family. 

“My mother moved from Eritrea during the Civil War, so she never graduated secondary school and she needed to exit to assist her mother with homing. 

JCPS said Male High Senior Angela Escalante Zarco additionally got a QuestBridge grant.