IT’S the democratic right of the people to Choose their official language

I do not like the justified logic when putting forward the demand that Arabic be the first official language with the tartreon on an equal footing, and I do not see the need to have to repeat the song that we have been bored about the link of this language to religion and that many Muslims speak it and that it has deep historical roots in the daily dealing of the life of muslim sitters.

Muslims do not need to beg for the support or acceptance of the speakers of the experiment with the above-mentioned arguments.

The issue of Arabic should be raised as a democratic human rights demand that concerns Only Muslims and does not mean anyone else. To illustrate, I will mention the example of the right to self-determination of the Eritrean people, which was expressed by the referendum in 1993. Some Ethiopians, particularly the Imperialists, considered that this referendum was illegal because it did not involve the rest of the Ethiopian people, and unfortunately there were those who were deceived by this proposition and considered it a democratic right for all ethiopian peoples, and none of them had even bothered to realize that this right is not a public right, but a right reserved for Eritreans only in accordance with the basic human rights charters adopted by the Charters of the United Nations.

Therefore, the formula for putting forward this requirement as i mentioned earlier should be changed. Sticking to this requirement as a basic legal, democratic and human right, in other words (in this policy can go away) is the right of Muslims or any other Eritrean component to demand the imposition of any language of its choice, even if the Chinese language that no one speaks in Eritrea, and others must respect his choice within the framework of the legal and democratic right.

Moreover, it should be noted that the subject of the imposition of a language is a kind of imposition of one party’s hegemony over another. The leader and founder of the great Republic of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, was keen to avoid falling into the dilemma of dominating other races, because it hindered his dream of building a developed and prosperous homeland, none of whose components felt alienated or marginalized. Etc. official languages on an equal footing within the framework of daily dealing in political, cultural and social life.

The historical reality of the roots of the entrenchment of the Arabic language in Eritrea can be presented as an additional factor that reinforces the demand for the basic democratic legal and human right in accordance with international laws and norms, and there is no need whatsoever for that justified logic, which gives opponents the right to intervene, argue and refute these justifications.