Is the EU Working to Create Yet Another Berlin Wall in the Horn of Africa?

The assertion depended on unconfirmed claims and it serves neither carrying harmony and security to Ethiopia and the more extensive area of Horn of Africa nor addresses the main drivers of the contention and hazardous results it might have spilled to the people groups of the Horn of Africa had the assault by TPLF powers on the Federal Army worked out as expected. 

Yet, most importantly, such unwarranted case could by and by be a reason to raise ‘Berlin Wall’ to the new encouraging period of harmony, dependability, monetary participation and mix of the nations of the locale and destroy the new expectation and fervor felt since 2018 without precedent for twenty years in huge numbers of individuals of the Horn, who just broke a ‘Berlin Wall’ that was standing tall from 1998-2018 between the nations of the area and continually causing unsteadiness and dread of war, shared doubt, isolating families, choking financial development of the district, presenting millions to destitution and yearning. 

The impacts of the ‘no harmony no war’ circumstance to both Eritrea and Ethiopia and the more extensive Horn of Africa locale was and still is not exactly that of the Berlin Wall, what isolated Germany, yet additionally Europe actually and philosophically from 1961-1989. The opposition of the people groups of the Horn of Africa, especially Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, to the TPLF, additionally upheld by conscious carelessness and stubborn activities of the EU, US and different entertainers, at last prompted the destruction of the minority system in Ethiopia, yet in addition the never-ending disdain, division, struggle and shared question arranged and introduced by TPLF. 

The joyful gathering by the Eritrean public and Government to the Ethiopian PM and the ‘Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship Agreement’ endorsed between the heads of the two nations on July 9, 2018 denoted the fall of the ‘Berlin Wall’ of the Horn of Africa and similarly proclaimed the beginning of new time loaded with expectation, good faith and brilliant future for the two people groups and the area. 

For such a long time, the Horn of Africa has been the performance center of super powers muscle flexing. The huge forces competition in the Horn of Africa just after the finish of WWII was straightforwardly answerable for the 30 years battle of autonomy battled by Eritreans from 1961 to 1991 against Ethiopia just as the Ethio-Somalia War of 1977-78. Over the most recent a long time since Eritrea’s autonomy, those large force unconstructive obstructions in the inside issues of the nations of the area has not died down all things considered. 

The two models in the abovementioned – neglecting to implement the EEBC choice of April 2002 and forcing endorse on Eritrea in 2009 dependent on bogus claims – unmistakably demonstrate that the EU’s arrangement in the Horn of Africa of the most recent 20 years has not been adjusted, in light of comprehensive and helpful commitment with all legislatures of the district similarly, yet one that somewhat encourages a little gathering which its center political mantra is “rule by ethnic division”, induce and fuel clashes and shakiness to get by to the detriment of individuals of Ethiopia and the more extensive Horn of Africa locale. 

Something else, in the post-TPLF time, pointing fingers and singling out one country for reformatory allots is a dated methodology and purposeless, best case scenario. At this exceptionally encouraging time for the Horn of Africa, hurting one nation isn’t just hurting the other one, yet additionally killing the fantasy for harmony, companionship, success and improvement of the around 190 million populace of Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan and Djibouti. 

What do these nations need and want to find in the Horn of Africa – a locale that is in harmony and solidness with itself and subsequently monetarily prosperous area that assumes its part in battling numerous worldwide difficulties? 

Or on the other hand they need to construct one more Berlin Wall in the Horn of Africa that will delay the contentions and unsteadiness, demise of honest youngsters and ladies, gigantic relocation and movement emergency, financial stagnation, obliteration of framework and property, an area that breeds psychological oppressor bunches who can target Western interests anyplace? 

The heaviness of history is on the EU and its accomplices either to observe the outcome of one more Berlin Wall in the Horn of Africa or an area like theirs which is tranquil and monetarily interconnected where its kin reside with a superior norm of life.