Inside a military base in Ethiopia’s Tigray: soldiers decry betrayal by former comrades

The portrayal given to Reuters by Takele and Molla Kassa, another officer, underpins government records of how the contention began. 

“We didn’t start any assault,” the gathering’s chief, Debretsion Gebremichael, told Reuters in an instant message a month ago, in spite of the fact that he said a few warriors “went along with us by dismissing government treatment to Tigray.” 

Reuters additionally couldn’t freely check the two officers’ records as correspondences to that piece of Tigray are down, and the public authority confines admittance to the locale. 

Reuters addressed Molla and Takele by telephone this month, prior to a military representative reporting a restriction on officers addressing the media. 

Government authorities have disclosed to Reuters that the TPLF shipped a great many hostage troopers to the line with Amhara and delivered them.


The public authority says warriors faithful to the TPLF assaulted government army installations at different areas in Tigray almost immediately Nov. 4 in the wake of sticking interchanges. 

It says TPLF contenders assumed responsibility for the base camp of the military’s Northern Command in Mekelle and struck government ordinances. 

The warriors included individuals from the public guard power, who slaughtered individual troopers in their beds and held onto their weapons, Redwan Hussein, representative for the public authority’s crisis team on Tigray, told Reuters beforehand. 

At the Nov. 10 news gathering, Lt. Gen. 

Bacha Debele said radio correspondences were cut at army installations across Tigray at 10:00 p.m. on Nov. 3. The following day, he stated, a gathering of senior officials was captured from a customary supper with Tigrayan authorities, while in different spots, troopers were encircled.


Molla and Takele said shots were discharged at the Sero base, where 250-300 government troops were positioned, at around 5 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 4. At first, the assailants withdrew when government troopers returned fire, they said. 

They said they asked nearby inhabitants who was behind the assault and were told by a TPLF official that military commandants had consented to give up their arms to the TPLF and that troopers inside the base ought to agree. 

“We said we never got such orders from above and disclosed to them that we were not going to surrender the arms. The arms have a place with the country,” Molla said. 

In the resulting attack, as TPLF powers encompassed the base, those inside proportioned food to one feast of flour at noontime to protect supplies, however following eight days, the base ran out of food, they said. 

“They ate us like a feline eats its kid subsequent to conceiving an offspring,” Molla said. 

The two fighters said the disloyalty by previous friends wanted to vindicate their confidants and catch the criminal TPLF authority. 

“We were unable to try and cover our companions and siblings. They prevented us from covering them,” Takele said. “I need to join my companions and battle.”