Images show the latest ‘attack’ on Ethiopia refugee camp

New satellite pictures of an exile camp in Ethiopia’s beset Tigray area show in excess of 400 structures have been seriously harmed in what an exploration bunch accepts is the most recent “purposeful assault” by contenders. 

The Shimelba camp is one of four that facilitated 96,000 exiles from close by Eritrea when battling ejected toward the beginning of November between Ethiopian powers and those of the rebellious Tigray area. 

On Thursday, U.N. displaced person boss Filippo Grandi referred to ongoing satellite symbolism of flames and other obliteration at the two difficult to reach camps as “solid signs of significant infringement of worldwide law.” 

On Sunday the U.N. evacuee organization asked that it be offered admittance to the camps. 

We have no data on the number of outcasts as yet in the camp a week ago,” U.N. exile organization representative Chris Melzer said in an email. 

The new report says the satellite pictures show “seething remnants, darkening of structures and imploded rooftops.” The structures, it stated, “coordinate the profile of mud-block residences developed by the exiles themselves. 

The day after Grandi’s assertion, Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Gebremeskel tweeted that “UNHCR appears to enjoy, once more, in another episode of unwarranted and flippant slanderous attacks against Eritrea.” He said Eritrea dismisses the “constrained bringing home of ‘evacuees.'”