Husen Jagir Cousin an Eritrean immigrant, remembers his cousin whom he lost to covid-19 this year

Husen Jagir wanted to leave on a monthslong excursion to his country in East Africa in August. He was anticipating seeing old companions and natural destinations. 

Husen, a local of Eritrea, went to the United States in 2011 looking for a superior life. 

Escaping savagery and flimsiness in his nation of origin, he moved to Columbia, Missouri, at that point Des Moines, at that point Denison, Iowa, lastly to Sioux City, where he worked at the Seaboard Triumph Foods meatpacking plant. 

His nephew, Shila Side, of Carroll, recollected Husen as a persevering, great man who pushed to youngsters the significance of seeking after training. 

Husen had filled in as an inn servant prior to securing positions in the meatpacking business. 

He never whined about his work — regardless of how undesirable a given occupation on the line may have been. 

In August, Husen had wanted to visit Sudan, a neighboring nation of Eritrea, where he had companions. 

He needed to go through a half year in the area, yet his itinerary items had been frustrated by the Covid. 

Husen probably got the Covid at work.