Hundreds of Refugees in Bosnia camp are freezing

Many travelers have been abandoned in a disgusting, worn out tent camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina as weighty snow fell and winter temperatures plunged. 

The exiles and travelers who had taken sanctuary at the Lipa camp in northwest Bosnia enveloped themselves by covers and hiking beds on Saturday to secure against gnawing twists after a fire wrecked a significant part of the camp recently. 

Situated close to the fringe with Croatia, close to the town of Bihac, the camp had just been cruelly reprimanded by worldwide authorities and help bunches as being lacking for the necessities of those living in it. 

With no warming at the site, frostbite, hypothermia and other serious medical conditions are now being accounted for by those abandoned at the area,” the assertion said. 

This incorporates those abandoned at the Lipa area yet in addition the assessed 2,000 others, compelled to attempt to make due in surrendered structures and shoddy camps.

We will die, so please help us’

The EU has cautioned Bosnia that a large number of travelers face a freezing winter without sanctuary, and it has asked the nation’s quarreling lawmakers to make peace and make a move. 

On Saturday, travelers swarmed at the camp to get water and food given by Bosnia’s Red Cross as police tried to keep everything under control. 

Left without an answer, travelers put down cardboard on the floor and set up ad libbed boundaries for security inside the lone standing tent at the Lipa camp. 

To get to Croatia, travelers regularly use courses over a bumpy region along the fringe and have blamed Croatian experts for fierce pushbacks. 

Common liberties bunches have reported infringement by Croatian specialists throughout the long term, including serious beatings and rape of displaced people and transients.