Habesha Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant to Open Friday, December 4 in Kamm’s Corners

In the arranging stage for over a year, Habesha Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant is good to go to open this Friday, December 4, in Kamm’s Corners. 

At the point when it does it will expand the quantity of Ethiopian café in Cleveland to three and will be the main such diner on the West Side. 

Habesha joins the long-standing Empress Taytu on St. Clair and Zoma in Cleveland Heights. 

Unfortunately, Lucy Ethiopian café on Broadview Road has shut down. 

The café is an organization of Jamal Musa, his significant other Tigist Gebremichael, and accomplice Hiritai Weld-esalasi. 

As indicated by the proprietors, “The importance of Habesha is a word used to allude to both Ethiopian and Eritrean individuals. 

We at Habesha Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant invite you to go along with us in this network through the happiness regarding our food.” 

Devotees of Ethiopian food will find an enticing arrangement of mix plates that offer different pairings of vegan and additionally meat-based things. The full menu is incorporated beneath. 

Starters incorporate sambusa, baked good triangles loaded up with lentils or meat, ambesha, conventional flatbread presented with curds, and chechebsa, a customary breakfast dish consisting of margarine seared flatbread and flavors. 

Obviously, the customary Ethiopian espresso function, joined by the wonderful fragrance of newly simmered beans, is accessible.