Fr. Mussie Zerai: Eritrean government closed Catholic schools and hospitals

There are four formally perceived strict gatherings in Eritrea: the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Sunni Islam, the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eritrea. 

Mussie Zerai clarifies that the public authority needs to restrict strict gatherings’ effect on society. 

European Coordinator for Catholics of Eritrea 

They likewise forced a progression of limitations on opportunity of the press, as the public authority has additionally shut all the Catholic Church’s media offices.” 

Zerai clarifies that the nation’s Catholic diocesans have composed public letters to fight these activities. 

They’ve additionally attempted intervention, trusting that the public authority will tune in and react, on the grounds that what the Church does is to benefit the whole populace. 

These impediments and brutality have constrained endless individuals out of their homes and into neighboring nations, including Ethiopia, where Fr. 

Zerai says there are in any event 90,000 Eritrean evacuees spread over the four primary camps in the contention ridden Tigray area. 

“The truce that was marked two years back between the Eritrean and the Ethiopian governments had ignited for exiles the desire for at long last having the option to get back and restart their carriers within their own nation. 

That is the reason the Catholic Church and worldwide associations keep on searching for a long haul, authoritative answer to help these individuals re-visitation their homes or incorporate them into new settings, with admittance to instruction, the work market, and clinical consideration.