Former Eritrean diplomat Abdullah Adam confirms Eritrea’s involvement in fighting in Treadai

Previous Eritrean representative and now ousted Abdullah Adam uncovered that he actually knew military personnel injured in the fighting, while a source at the overall clinic in the southern Eritrean town of Manufacturers told the BBC that eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers had been treated there. 

Different sources in Eritrea have been seen refocusing around the focal town of Hijaz and shipping their injured to the close by Gilas Military Hospital,” the BBC Arabic detailed. 

The most recent data was affirmed by an Eritrean source reached by Adulis. 

The “Gelas” emergency clinic, situated close to the town of Kern, is known to be controlled by the Eritrean armed force’s wellbeing administration. 

Envoy Adam held a few military situations in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea (PFLP) and afterward his nation’s diplomat to Khartoum prior to surrendering from the system in Asmara in 2002.