Fierce Fighting Blocks the UN Access to Refugee Camps

Furious battling has been accounted for the last few days on the Tekeze belt of Abi Adi of Tigray Central Zone, between Tigray powers and Ethiopian National Defense Forces and Eritrean powers. 

Extraordinary battling in the North Western zone of Tigray, Endabaguna region, explicitly DebreAbay and Meili region between Tigray powers and ENDF along with Eritrean soldiers. 

It has been accounted for in web-based media that the appointed administrator of ENDF 33th division was executed while battling Tigray local powers on the Western front. 

With respect to control in Talent or Tselemti in West Tigray, it is accounted for that Amhara territorial powers control May Tsebri, and Tigray provincial powers control the majority of the region toward the East. 

A worldwide exhibition has occurred in various pieces of the world, coordinated by Tigrayan and Eritrean individuals from the diaspora, requesting the battle on Tigray should stop and Eritrean soldiers should leave Tigray right away.

The Reported Regional Situation

After the withdrawal of UN and African Union peacekeepers from Darfur, Sudan security powers including the Rapid Support Forces are entrusted with keeping harmony and ensure Darfur’s residents. 

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia neglected to concede to the route forward for chats on the GERD dam, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said. 

The issue is being alluded back to the administrator of the African Union. 

Ethiopia censures Sudan for the breakdown of converses with resolve the GERD dam question. 

While Ethiopia and Egypt consented to another round of talks, Sudan declined in light of the fact that it looks for a part for the AU specialists in the discussions and it is enraged by Ethiopia’s aim to fill the dam with or without an arrangement.