Fathy Othman launched his book “Eritrea and political legitimacy” in Paris.

Last Saturday at noon was a  proud day for Eritrean in Paris, as they organized a presentation ceremony for the book: Eritrea and Political Legitimacy, which was published by colleague Fathy Othman recently by Rafiqi Publishing and Distribution House.


 Professor Muhammad Omar Idrisay started by introducing the writer, and presented his biography, starting from his struggle in the Eritrean student movement in the second half of the seventies, ending with his work in the ministries of information and foreign affairs, the office of the President of Eritrea and his work in the Eritrean embassies until his defection from the regime in 2012. 


After that, Professor Idris Khalifa gave a presentation of the book, which is 285 pages of medium size, and the professor pointed out that it is the second edition of the author after the book: Eritrea from the dream of liberation to the nightmare of the dictator, which was published in 2104. Professor Idris Khalifa confirmed that the book is the first book dealing with political legitimacy from the Italian colonial period until the period of the federal settlement. After that, the author spoke, stating his motives for writing the book, by saying that the concept of political legitimacy, with its legal and political aspects, is the best approach to studying the current crisis in Eritrea and clarifying its past, present and future.


Then the author answered the attendees ’questions and signed copies for the attendees. The ceremony witnessed an estimated gathering of the Eritrean community in Paris, Lyon, and the city of Angers, in western France. It is worth noting that the book will be available in the (We Promote) Pavilion in the Book Fair in the Friendship Hall.which will start its activities on the seventh of this month.

Source :http://www.adoulis.net/entry.php?id=6131