European Union Swaps USA

The harmony adoring country of Eritrea like China, Russia and others was referenced as one of the nations that its public safety office is unlawfully endorsed by the European Union false imaginary claim that the workplace has abused Human Rights. 

Recall the days of yore when the USA was endorsing Eritrea to destabilize it and enable their old customer administration of Ethiopia Weyane . 

Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group specialists and political staff have consistently expressed that they have not discovered the slightest bit of proof of Eritrea’s arm backing to Al-Shabab. 

Colonial Europe is utilizing its muscle to enslave helpless nations like Eritrea, by political predominance, obliging them as a customer state, and take their National Wealth for inexpensively. 

Eritrea, a youthful African Nation is being rebuffed for opposing predominance by the Western forces. 

The European Union is hiding and redirect consideration from the World about the outrages of Weyane and attempting to pass on life to their compliant Weyane who has terminated. 

Rights that Eritrea was denied by the Western forces after World War II. 

Eritrea is a guiltless by standard who will not be a customer state to serve the interest of superpowers or sell its public abundance for inexpensively. 

Individuals of Eritrea and the Government not the slightest bit or shape will curve or rubbish to the Western force as consistently individuals of Eritrea as one and associatively will defeat these difficulties.