Ethiopia’s detention of Egyptians escalates tensions between the two countries

The Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa keeps on speaking with the Ethiopian side to make sure about the arrival of various Egyptian residents who were as of late kept at Bole International Airport as they intended to re-visitation of Kuwait. 

In line with the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa, the Ministry of migration called upon residents getting back to Kuwait by means of Ethiopia to defer their movements until the government office finishes the methods of the arrival of the 52 Egyptians that were kept and the coordination with the Ethiopian side with respect to the isolate applied for this situation. 

Following contacts with Ethiopian specialists, the consulate said that Egyptian residents had come to Ethiopia to remain 14 days there prior to making a beeline for Kuwait, and not for the travel industry reasons according to the visa they had acquired in Cairo. 

The Ministry of Immigration has likewise reached the Ministry of Tourism for coordination to check with the travel industry organizations working the movements of Egyptian residents to guarantee they cling to all methods in consistence with all controls for the residents’ wellbeing, and to guarantee they are not presented to any punishments and their sheltered re-visitation of their work environment. 

The Ministry of Immigration said a few Egyptian residents have whined that they were kept by the Ethiopian specialists at Bole International Airport, on their way from Egypt to Kuwait. 

The government office said it had reached the Egyptian residents caught at the air terminal and the Ethiopian migration specialists to ensure they are sheltered and get proper treatment. 

Mazloum accepts the Egyptian Embassy must speak with the Ethiopian government for a quiet and political answer for the kept Egyptian residents’ emergency. 

Gamal Zahran, a teacher of political theory at Suez Canal University, told Al-Monitor that keeping Egyptian residents in Ethiopia is a slip-up and Egypt needs to explain this issue, particularly since Addis Ababa is blaming Egyptians for going to the nation not on a delay prior to moving to Kuwait, but rather for different reasons he didn’t make reference to. 

Essam Abu al-Alaa, an Egyptian lawyer at the Court of Cassation, advised Al-Monitor that Egyptians wishing to go outside the nation need to make contracts with travel services that are authorized and situated in Egypt, which would prompt quicker arrangements if there should be an occurrence of issues, as is going on in Ethiopia. 

Abu al-Alaa said that the Egyptian state must mediate to ensure its residents before pressures run intense with Ethiopia, by reaching the capable specialists and presenting the Kuwaiti records and agreements for the individuals held.