Ethiopian prime minister rejects African mediation and IGAD to mediate!

 Sources near the African Union uncovered that the Ethiopian executive dismissed all the proposition of the African Union to intercede, as he dismissed all endeavors by the leader of the current meeting of the IGAD Countries Abdullah Hamduk, who called the Eritrean president requesting to assume his function in the quiet between the two gatherings and didn’t get a reaction from Isaias Afwerki. 

When the Ethiopian parliament has taken a choice to disintegrate the regional government and name an elective organization, it is critical that the Prime Minister didn’t fall back on a choice approved by parliament to make military strides against the administration of the region of Treadai, while the territorial government declared that its capital was exposed to elevated barrage by the bureaucratic armed force yesterday. 

As per web-based media locales of activists from The Treadai area, the Ethiopian head administrator has restored various resigned Ethiopian armed force commanders to serve, the vast majority of them a-public, which means giving the war a local and ethnic measurement, the activists said.