Ethiopian prime minister gives Tigrayan rebels 72 hours to surrender

The Ethiopian military said tanks would be conveyed to encompass Mekelle, the good country capital of the northern Tigray locale, and that it might likewise utilize cannons on the city, state media investigated Sunday. 

“We need to make an impression on the general society in Mekelle to spare themselves from any cannon assaults and free themselves from junta,” he stated, alluding to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front , the decision party in the district. 

Debretsion Gebremichael, the head of the TPLF, guaranteed “furious battling” that would make government powers “pay for each move”, and cautioned that an attack on Mekelle would not be the contention’s endgame. 

A week ago, Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian head administrator, said government powers were getting ready for a “last push” on Mekelle to end the contention inside days. 

Be that as it may, a private UN evaluation of the military circumstance in Tigray, seen by the Guardian, proposes Ethiopian public powers are meeting heavier opposition than authentic interchanges have clarified and may confront an extended “battle of steady loss” in Tigray. 

“Despite the fact that Tigray provincial powers may have at first been backfooted by the EDF’s quick advances, the territory in eastern Tigray is simpler to safeguard … and in the event that they hold fast, they have the capacity to slow down the EDF advance,” one investigation peruses, cautioning that this will then “change the element of the contention from one of quick development into one of steady loss”. 

Abiy’s administration has guaranteed the capture of a series of towns as of late, including the antiquated city of Aksum and the town of Edega Hamus, 60 miles north of Mekelle. 

Ethiopian authorities said protection from government powers was more grounded on the more extended street prompting Mekelle from the south, along which dissidents have obliterated extensions and laid shrouded explosives. 

There are worries that regardless of whether Abiy accomplishes his point of driving out the TPLF and forcing government experts on Tigray, viciousness will proceed. 

On Saturday, Abiy said on Twitter that the security and prosperity of the individuals of Tigray was of principal significance and the government would do everything to “guarantee soundness wins in the Tigray area and that our residents are liberated from mischief and need”.