Ethiopian federalism returns Eritrean refugees to their camps in Treadai

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia say they fear that after the Ethiopian government regains control of Tigray province, they will bring the relationship back to their country.

They add that they have faced growing hostility from Tigray, who accuse Eritrea of sending troops to Ethiopia to assist the Prime Minister’s Government in fighting the Tigray Liberation Front.

The federal government had decided to return Eritrean refugees fleeing Tigray territory to their camps in the territory, and the refugees protested to the Office of the International Organization for Migration in Addis Ababa, thereby finding justification for not returning them to Tigray, fearing new violations.

“Given the traumatic events that refugees say they have been subjected to in Tigray, we believe that Eritrean refugees should have the opportunity to receive protection and assistance outside the region,” said UNHCR regional spokeswoman Dana Hughes.

For its part, the Ethiopian government said that refugees who fled the region “have returned to safe camps”, stressing the transport of food there.