Ethiopia vows to restore the ancient iconic mosque

The Ethiopian government promised Monday to reestablish the somewhat harmed Al Nejashi Mosque in the nation’s northern Tigray district. 

Considered by numerous individuals as the second most holy spot of Islamic love and named by Ethiopian Muslims as “the subsequent Mecca,” Al Nejashi Mosque was struck by weighty weapons at different focuses including its minarets during a military activity dispatched in November a year ago by the Ethiopian government against the banned Tigray People’s Liberation Front . 

A specialized group of the public authority will venture out to the site to see the degree of harm the mosque supported and afterward rebuilding work will follow, the agent head of the Ethiopian Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage told state-claimed Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation EBC demonstrated a channel utilized by TPLF powers close to the site of the mosque, while the mosque’s imams said it was heretical with respect to the TPLF to have burrowed channels there. 

On Nov. 4 a year ago, Ethiopia dispatched what it portrayed as a law requirement activity against the TPLF, whose powers raged the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, plundered military equipment and killed warriors in the early long periods of Nov. 3. 

On Nov. 28, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pronounced the military activity over after the fall of the provincial capital, Mekele, to the Ethiopian armed forces.