Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt talks on the mega-dam breakdown, again

He moved close to his master, the worker’s organization extremist Adam Idris Hassari may God rest his spirit, on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, in Cairo, Egypt, following a long ailment. 

The late inhabitant is the child of two little girls, Safaa, Halima and Idris, and there is no uncertainty that the misfortune is extraordinary and we don’t utter a word however god’s fulfillment. 

He joined the late occupant of the Eritrean Liberation Front at an early age since he was an understudy, and afterward. 

The perished got a worker’s organization course in the Syrian Arab nation in 1976, which was introduced by our association, the National Union of Syrian Trade Unions, which was a passing course in the field of worker’s guilds and organization, the Syrian siblings kept on contribution such courses and others in different fields until the mid-1980s. 

The late inhabitant Adam Hassari added to the improvement of worker’s organization work and political mindfulness among the eritrean common migrants and the displaced person networks in the evacuee camps, persistence and kindness, which procured him the affection and regard of the assailants and the majority that found in his screen and lowliness to act as an illustration of an aggressor who trusted in the objectives of his kin and the dependable protector of the reasons for public freedom. 

God favor the sibling of the assailant Adam Hassari and excuse him and bring him into his heaven with what he has given to his kin and his insurgency. 

colleagues and every one of his confidants prepared by tolerance and mettle, and I am to God, and I am to Him they will be calmed.