Ethiopia denies obstructing war on aid… Two aid organizations announce the death of some workers

The Ethiopian government denied today that the war in the northern province of Tigray prevents humanitarian access to civilians, while two foreign aid organizations announced the death of some of their workers and urged all parties to do more to protect those not involved in the fighting, Reuters news agency reported.

The five-week-long fighting between federal and TsPLM forces is believed to have killed thousands and displaced more than 950,000, according to the United Nations, some 50,000 of whom have fled to Sudan.

Since the Ethiopian army took control of Fried, the capital of Tigray province, nearly two weeks ago and declared victory, the Ethiopian Government has painted a picture reflecting the return to normalcy in the region, but PFLP leaders say they continue to fight from the mountains around the city.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office said: “The insinuations that humanitarian aid has been hampered by the ongoing military operation inside Tigray province are incorrect and undermine work for stability in the region.”

The International Rescue Committee and the Danish Refugee Council issued statements today expressing regret for the deaths of some of their workers.

The International Rescue Committee said one of its staff was killed in a refugee camp in Cheri, adding that it had not yet identified or confirmed the circumstances of the death due to difficult communications in the area.

The Danish Refugee Council said three of its staff were killed in Tigray last month, without giving further details.

He added that he had not been able to notify their families so far because of difficult communications and insecurity.