Eritrea’s Role Questioned as Reports Emerge of Its Involvement in Tigray Conflict

Reports of this seven day stretch of a senior Ethiopian military authority’s remarks that security powers from neighboring Eritrea entered the quarrel in the northern Tigray area upheld what U.S. authorities and outside onlookers have been stating for quite a long time dependent on satellite proof. 

“The reality of the situation is that large numbers of us knew from the very first moment the contribution of Eritrea. 

Furthermore, the contribution of Eritrea was not a one-sided association,” said Awet Weldemichael, an educator of history and worldwide improvement learns at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

“This looks deliberate,” Weldemichael told VOA, repudiating the Ethiopian government’s position that Eritrean soldiers entered the locale without a greeting. 

Since the contention in northern Ethiopia started in November, the government and the Eritrean government have rejected that Eritrean soldiers were working on Ethiopian soil.

This is our country

Significant General Belay Seyoum, the head of the Northern Command of Ethiopia’s National Defense Force, negated that position during an official Q&A event in the Tigray area’s capital, Mekelle, in December. 

His remarks and a video of him talking at the city center surfaced before via web-based media and afterward were distributed Wednesday in the Addis Standard, a week by week autonomous magazine, and got by worldwide wire administrations. 

Yet, he said it is essential to comprehend who crossed the boundary and slaughtered the soldiers securing that line. 

The new Mekelle city chairman with the Tigray Provisional Administration, Ataklti Hailesilassie, likewise referred to the presence of Eritrean soldiers. 

He later said he was rehashing the thing the overall said about Eritrean soldiers when requested to explain if the conversation was about the Amhara civilian army or other military faculty who entered the Tigray area during what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed named a law implementation activity.

Accusations of attacks on refugees

In the midst of the contention, the Eritrean military have been blamed by worldwide eyewitnesses for assaulting and stealing Eritrean outcasts who live in Tigray. 

“We are profoundly worried by reports of Eritrean evacuees in Tigray being executed, stole and coercively got back to Eritrea by Eritrean powers, just as upsetting reports that some attempting to arrive at more secure zones are being kept from leaving,” the assertion said. 

Early reports of Eritrean soldiers on the ground incorporated those from ambassadors who referred to satellite proof, caught interchanges and recounted reports. 

Afterward, a U.S. State Department representative who was approached to confirm claims stated, “We know about sound reports of Eritrean military contribution in Tigray and view this as a grave turn of events. 

Awet revealed to VOA the collaboration among Eritrean and Ethiopian powers took a few structures.