Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki: a tactical authoritarian who might be president for life

There are scarcely any pioneers as mysterious as Eritrea’s leader, Isaias Afwerki. 

In the  book , Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State, I profile the president who drove the nation as it battled for its independence from Ethiopia for a very long time, just to then turn on his own kin. 

In October the next year he deserted his examinations and joined the Eritrean Liberation Front in the Sudan, which was battling for Eritrea’s freedom. 

He announced that the association was overwhelmed by Muslims and partook in a progression of parts that made the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in 1974-75. 

Isaias keeps on driving both the nation and his gathering, which changed its name to the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice in February 1994. 

At the point when Isaias established the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front he likewise settled a mystery, controlling ‘ party inside a gathering ‘ – the Eritrean People’s Revolutionary Party. 

This finished in 2001 in the capture and detainment without preliminary of senior freedom front pioneers and columnists, some of whom had been with the front for quite a long time. 

Despite the fact that he doesn’t endure Islamist developments in his own nation, Isaias didn’t stop for a second to interface up with Islamist bunches in Somalia when it fit his mean to subvert neighboring Ethiopia, which was profoundly associated with Somali issues. 

The nonaggression treaty established relations between Eritrea, the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, the two of which have bases in Eritrea from where they direct their battles in Yemen and Libya. 

Isaias Afwerki has been in charge of Eritrean governmental issues since the 1970s.