Eritrea’s Ambassador to Moscow: We are not opposed to the construction of a Russian logistics center in our country

Eritrea’s Ambassador to Russia Petros Tsegay said his nation was not contradicted to the development of a Russian coordinations place on its domain, requiring a more noteworthy job for Russia in Africa. 

“This issue was raised and I was at that gathering, however it was not set up, and we are not against this thought, but rather this issue has not been raised any longer, and eritrea’s position isn’t in opposition to this solicitation in the event that it is commonly helpful,” the Eritrean minister disclosed to Sputnik when gotten some information about his nation’s situation on an old Russian proposition to construct a Russian coordinations place in Eritrea. 

Sudan settle the debate over the “mediation of the UAE” and Eritrea’s investment in its contest with Ethiopia, as communicated by the Eritrean Ambassador to Russia, his nation anticipates going to Russian organizations to work in Eritrea, calling attention to that relations between the two nations stay underneath the degree of desire regardless of the raising improvement of these relations. 

“Russian-Eritrean relations are by and large great, and we have been here for a very long time, and in spite of the fact that our relations are growing reliably, they are still underneath our assumptions, and we are presently collaborating in global gatherings, including inside the system of the United Nations, and as I would see it our relations are creating the correct way,” he said. 

In August 2018, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reported Russia’s aim to assemble a coordinations place in Eritrea as a feature of Russia’s endeavors to discover traction in the Red Sea area.