Eritreans, Ethiopians staged demonstration in Geneva

 Ethiopians and Eritreans on Monday arranged an exhibition outside the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

It pointed toward restricting pressing factors and mediation in the issues of the two nations under the pretense of supposed slaughters and common liberties infringement in the Tigray district. 

Protestors called for regard for the sway of Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

Pressing factor against the nations is educated by falsehood from allies of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), as indicated by the protestors. 

A week ago, Ethiopians and Eritreans coordinated an enormous joint enemy of falsehood fight in Washington DC, United States. 

There has been a case by allies of TPLF that Ethiopia and Eritrean soldiers carried out an atrocity in Aksum, a case that was intensified by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. 

Ethiopia has excused the cases about supposed ethnic purifying or slaughters in Aksum city, one of the vacationer locations in the country where the Ark of the Covenant is accepted to rest.