Eritrean Volunteers Come Forward to Offer Support Armenia

Eritreans denounced the compassionate issues and shows it to help endeavors to ease strains among Armenia and Azerbaijan about the Nagorno-Karabakh strife, yet it missed the mark regarding communicating its full help for the Armenian worthy motivation about the purported Artsakh statehood and neglected to communicate unequivocal help for the Armenian public, as per Eritrean people group in Yerevan. 

The Eritrean president’s call with Armenian pioneers reaffirmed the solid obligations of fellowship among Eritrea and Armenia individuals, censured loss of lives, and communicated Eritrea’s status to help endeavors for sure fire de-heightening in Nagorno-Karabakh issues. 

As indicated by the Eritrean negotiator in Paris, “We have been observing with incredible concern the raising strain in the Armenia and Azerbaijan locale, which has brought about a compassionate fiasco in Nagorno-Karabakh.” 

The European Eritrean online media clients denounced what they depict as the “shifting back and forth” approach by the Asmara system, rather than helping Armenia and its worthy motivation. 

They point that the public statement by the Foreign Ministry has neglected to communicate unequivocal help for the Armenian public, with whom Eritrea have had extremely close, authentic ties over numerous hundreds of years including during the EPLF equipped battle against Ethiopian Derg system drove by Col. Mengistu haile mariam in Addis Ababa. 

Eritreans have joined Armenians requesting equity and the worldwide acknowledgement of the decimation that slaughtered a huge number of Armenians, during the Ottomans.