Eritrean troops open fire in Tigray’s Adwa, kill 3: Rights group

Eritrean soldiers opened fire on civilians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, killing three people and wounding at least 19, according to Amnesty International. In a statement on Wednesday, the rights watchdog said the “unprovoked attack” took place in central Adwa. Early Monday, more than two weeks after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared that Eritrea had agreed to withdraw the forces it had sent to the northern region of Ethiopia during the conflict that broke out there in November 2020. “Three people were killed and at least 19 other people are being hospitalized for another illegal attack by Eritrean troops against civilians in Tigray. Intentional attacks against civilians are prohibited under international humanitarian law and must be discontinued,” confirmed Sarah Jackson, deputy director of Amnesty East Africa, in the statement echoing previous Jackson reports, Amnesty’s call for an international investigation into human rights abuses in the months-long conflict in Tigray. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate said the move was in response to TPLF orchestrated attacks on army camps. The TPLF said the federal government and Eritrea had launched a “coordinated attack” against him. Eritrea has not made any public statements on the matter since Abiys’ approval. Wednesday’s statement cited six witnesses who described how Eritrean soldiers accidentally shot through central Adwa.”We have dispersed in different directions. As witnesses interviewed by AFP earlier this week, Teklu said that Eritreans were easy to identify because they spoke Tigrinya, the main language in Tigray, and Eritrea -rode in vehicles with Eritrean license plates and wore “Eritrean Defense Force camouflages”.