Eritrean President says TPLF miscalculated war to march to Asmara, Addis Ababa

Eritrean President Isaisas Afeworki had a meeting with the state media in his country, Eri-TV, in Tigrigna language. 

He discussed TPLF’s arrangement in beginning the war and the connection among Ethiopia and Eritrea, among different issues. 

President Isaias Afeworki additionally unveiled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed started a discussion with previous leader of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael yet the Eritrean president turned it down. 

Mr. Isaias likewise revealed that he asked Debretsion, when they met at Omahajer during the line opening function among Eritrea and Ethiopia, why TPLF was getting ready for war. 

Another point regarding previous leader of Tigray local state is that Isaias was drawn nearer by TPLF for building up organization, however Isaias said he disclosed to him that Eritrea won’t have connection with a gathering or area yet with the focal administration of Ethiopia. 

As in the district, President Isaias commented that ” For harmony to support in the locale, we need the monster Ethiopia to have an enduring harmony. 

He underscored the significance of harmony in Ethiopia when he said, “We care more for harmony in Ethiopia than any country in our locale.” 

The issue of mediation from unfamiliar activities in the district is likewise something that president Isaias remarked on.