Eritrean origin Safaa first at the State of Western Australia level in secondary certificate 2020

Eritrean-Australian-born student Safaa Mohammed Khair Ismail Osman received first class across South Australia in the 2020 secondary certificate exams, with a score of 99.95.

According to the annual honour slate issued by the Australian Islamic College, the student, along with a number of her companions and companions, topped the board.

Safaa is the daughter of former Eritrean liberation front militant Mohamed Khair Ismail, known as “Abu al-Shabab”.

The Eritrean community has welcomed the news of the success with an unspeakable welcome, according to a member of the community in Adelaide, the capital of The State of Gnoll, Australia.

“Adulis” shares the joy of the family of Eritrean militant Mohamed Khair Ismail Osman ” Abu al-Shabab” joy.