Eritrean human rights organization withdraws claim against EU, but remains vigilant about forced labour

Amsterdam, 22 September – The Foundation Human Rights for Eritreans has chosen to pull back the claim documented against the European Union (EU) more than 80 million euros in aid provided to Eritrea. This choice was taken in light of the ‘no more streets’ methodology declared by the EU, after rehashed analysis of its budgetary help.

“We will continue our investigation into forced labor in Eritrea and will come back to this issue if new facts come to light.” States Muluberhan Temelso, Director of the Foundation.

The lawsuit was filed on 13 May 2020 in relation to EU funding of a project in Eritrea which uses forced labor from the Eritrean national service. However, this does not change the fact that the human rights situation in Eritrea remains of great concern. The EU has recognized that supporting a project using forced labor is unacceptable.

With these new turns of events, which are considered as genuine and perpetual by the Foundation, the center necessities of the claim have been met. From the earliest starting point, the EU realized that constrained work would be utilized in the usage of the street development venture, and the EU concurred with this.