Eritrean embassy Response to minister Blok:Stop Harassing Eritrean People and Official Representatives in the Netherlands!

Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok,
We, the undersigned Eritreans living in the Netherlands and everywhere on the world, compose
this request to have a problem with the bogus and slanderous attack; which has been pursued on
our gathering pledges exertion to assist Eritrea with countering the flare-up of Covid and ensure
our kin.
After the bogus report by Argos radio program that supposed the Eritrean international safe
haven in The Hague, “utilizes pressure to fund-raise among Eritreans in the Netherlands”, you
requested an explanation from the Eritrean Embassy

The raising support venture was started by numerous Eritrean individuals around the globe, and
composed by the more extensive investment of an alliance of the Eritrean municipal associations
including ladies, youth and networks.The motivation behind the raising money was to help the exertion of the Eritrean government
containing the Covid episode and ensuring its own kin.

We are pleased that our Eritrean government and our kin back home have been effective in
containing the Covid and assuming aggregate liability to care for the mass individuals in Eritrea.

The Eritrean government and the individuals of Eritrea inside and outside the nation have been
occupied with limiting the effect of the lockdown measures on conditions by aiding the most
helpless and financially influenced.
The Eritrean individuals over the world have upheld their families, companions and their kin
back home.

Accordingly, considering the above realities, your legislature ought to be supporting these
endeavors, and positively not badgering our kin and Eritrean authority agents.
It ought to likewise be brought up that your legislature was contradicting the lifting of the UN
sanctions on Eritrea, which added to the sufferings of Eritrean individuals extraordinarily.
They guarantee to represent the basic freedoms of Eritrean individuals, however their activities
over the long years have been to make a compassionate emergency in Eritrea with the end goal
of the bombed system change plan.