Eritrean Artist Robel Solomon describes “art as freedom”

Propelled by his uncles, Robel figured out how to paint and delighted in trying different things with various styles of painting when he was a youngster. 

Through his masterful works he had the option to get worldwide acknowledgment by taking an interest in craftsmanship rivalries. 

He grew up watching workmanship, painting. The vast majority of his cherished recollections are in a studio. 

As a youngster, Robel appreciated exploring different avenues regarding various styles of painting, which has persuaded that he would not like to follow a specific style. 

Moving to present day workmanship wasn’t a test since it is like impressionism in how dynamic the shading can be and how to frame and disfigure the artworks. 

Later on, in a year or thereabouts, I did another with a non-literal way of painting. I would prefer not to need to follow a specific style. 

He stated, “Perhaps the greatest achievement is the thing that I acquired at the New Tang Dynasty International Figurative Painting Art Competition in New York, an opposition that advances authentic artistic creations. 

‘Safehouse’ was the name of the work of art I introduced, and it was chosen from 4,000 artistic creations that participated in the challenge from everywhere the world and turned into the victor of the Honorable Mention Award painting. Likewise, I partook at the seventh and eighth Beijing Banally which I was chosen for, other than the second International World Summit in Ecuador in 2018. 

It’s consistently ideal to see your works being perceived, however to take an interest in rivalries, speaking to your country, alongside the absolute greatest specialists realized overall is something different. 

Robel stated, “Consider the big picture, we don’t have such an association for our field, painting. We don’t have craftsmanship organizations of exclusive expectation.