Eritrea, Tigray and Ethiopia’s brewing civil war

Following Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reported in the early long periods of Wednesday the start of military activities against the northern Tigray state, fears developed that a drawn out clash could resonate over the more extensive area and attract outside powers. 

At the core of these worries is Eritrea – Ethiopia’s northern neighbor flanking the Tigray locale. 

Having blamed the PM for attempting to “sideline … and even criminalise” the TPLF, the Tigray pioneers in September held races in resistance of a choice by the national government to delay all surveys due to the Covid pandemic. 

With pressure developing and each side exchanging insults, TPLF pioneers lately additionally charged their sworn adversary, Eritrea, of interfering in Ethiopia’s homegrown undertakings trying to corner Tigray. 

The shared ill will between Eritrea’s long-term ruler Isaias Afwerki and the TPLF returns many years – yet it was not generally like this. 

From the mid-1970s to the mid 1990s, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front , which Isaias helped to establish, and the TPLF were faithful comrades in the long battle against Ethiopia’s military government driven by Mengistu Haile Mariam. 

The TPLF, in the interim, proceeded to turn into the main power in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front overseeing alliance, with late Tigray pioneer Meles Zenawi turning into the nation’s leader. 

While the organization of Isaias has freely emphasized its profound enmity to TPLF, Eritrea’s inclusion – assuming any – in the current clash is as yet hazy for the time being. 

She likewise referred to “the failure to understand the situation” from Abiy “to sideline TPLF from being a certifiable portion of the harmony bargain among Ethiopia and Eritrea as it so happens”. 

“It ought to have been known to PM Abiy that for all his political contrasts with TPLF, harmony among Ethiopia and Eritrea is for all intents and purposes unimaginable without the association and significant state of TPLF,” Tsedale said.