Eritrea The Most Peaceful country in the Region: Farah Maalim

Farah Maalim Mohamed is a Kenyan lawmaker. 

He is the previous Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, and has just about a quarter century of involvement on the Kenyan political scene. 

He is an individual from the Wiper Democratic Movement ideological group in Kenya, and was chosen to speak to the Lagdera Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya in the tenth Kenyan Parliament. 

He had recently served in the seventh Kenyan Parliament. 

In November 2012, Maalim drove a gathering of MPs, which blamed Kenyan officers for instigating viciousness and utilizing unnecessary power during a security activity in Garissa. 

Maalim likewise proposed that the organization of the fighters was illegal and had not gotten the essential parliamentary endorsement, and that the following frenzy cost Garissa business people over Sh1.5 billion to Sh2 Billion in missed income. 

In the 2013 decisions, Maalim ran for the Garissa County Senate seat, yet was crushed by Yusuf Haji.