Eritrea Sees Opportunity to Increase its Regional Role

A senior guide to the Eritrean chief says the purpose for the ongoing eruption in brutality is that Egypt has been encouraged by the United States backing and now has military may it didn’t already have. 

Those assets and the absence of progress from harmony chats on the locale imply that tolerance over the continuous impasse in the long run ran out, between the heads of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over the Dam issues. 

The visit of the Eritrean president to the site of the Ethiopian Nile Dam shows a difference in position in Eritrea, which had consistently moved Egypt in the Nile dam issue, since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Ato. 

Meles Zenawi pursued a battle against the Eritrean fringe in 1998. 

Ethiopian strategies around then driven by TPLF pioneers has denounced Egypt, on a few events, of utilizing Eritrean pioneers to pressure and destabilize Ethiopian driven EPRDF approaches in the area. 

The move in the Eritrean president’s position comes after the indications of harmony arrangement and full discretionary and exchange connection between Ethiopian government and Eritrean pioneers since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali came into Menelik Palace in 2018.