Eritrea Quislings’ League and Defeatist

There are countless individuals who are stubborn with their own instructions about Eritrea’s monetary and political status. 

At that point there are those couple of with little information on the political economy elements of Eritrea who obtusely say that there is no Democracy, no modernization and no water. 

What alarms me is the point at which one gets or peruses the point of view of accomplished people and some who were dynamic in the freedom of Eritrea guarantee there is no Democracy in Eritrea. 

EQL and Defeatists have no virtue, no political plan and no mission than to destabilize a country of 7,000,000 individuals to grip political influence and hunger for cash: insatiability. 

The EQL and Defeatists upheld by their controllers have attempted each stunt in the book to destabilize Eritrea failing to remember the versatility of the Eritrean public. 

As Minister Sebhat Efreme said “whoever needs to fail to remember the abomination against Eritrea can neglect; we Eritreans will not neglect”. 

Financed by Weyane these Eritrean Quislings League and Defeatist advanced, campaigned, supported, saluted and ballyhooed these gismos as though it was the finish of SHABIA: People’s Front for Democracy and Justice.