Eritrea Mekdes WOLDU wins the 13th edition of the 21 km Metropole du Grand Nancy half-marathon in the women’s category.

The Sarregueminois Yann Schrub and the Eritrean Mekdes Woldu won this Sunday morning the thirteenth Nancy half-marathon distance race which occurred in great conditions notwithstanding the headwind in the primary portion of the course. The Mosellan put forth an attempt to find Felix Bour who began ahead after the 10th kilometer and to surpass everybody on the train at a surprising move in a fantastic season of 1h 03:38. Among the ladies, triumph for the Eritrean Mekdes Woldu in the amazing season of 1 h 13″54. We will stand by just ten brief minutes to see the primary lady show up in this half-long distance race. Mekdes Woldu, a little flea, light as a quill, with a contacting grin, raised on the plateau of Eritrea, political refugee and made redundant in Franconville.