Eritrea disputes AP story detailing massacre in Tigray

Eritrea’s administration is dismissing as “incredible falsehoods” a story by The Associated Press where witnesses depict a slaughter of a few hundred individuals by Eritrean officers in Ethiopia’s Tigray locale. 

Adjoining Ethiopia has over and again kept the presence from getting Eritrean warriors in its Tigray locale, which has been generally cut off from the world since battling started in November among Ethiopian and partnered powers and those of Tigray. 

Eritrea’s administration has not affirmed the presence of supposedly a great many its warriors in Tigray. 

The Tigray area borders Eritrea, and witnesses have portrayed seeing truckloads of plunder go through on their way toward the country. 

Eritrea, one of the world’s most mysterious countries, has for some time been an adversary of the now-outlaw previous heads of the Tigray locale, who overwhelmed Ethiopia’s administration for almost thirty years. 

That contention finished in 2018 when approaching Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tried for some degree of reconciliation with Eritrea, for which he was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. Presently a few pundits of the Tigray strife blame Abiy for working together with long-lasting Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki to focus on the area.