Engineer Filimon Tesfamariam the owner and creator of “KEBHI” online bookstore

At the point when I joined the Institute of Technology at Mai Nefhi, I decided to study computer engineering to fulfill my lingering desire to be a  software engineer.

Was it your youth dream to be a product software engineer, and in the event that it was the reason?

The enhanced visualizations and what I saw on the screen interested me and that is the point at which I needed to be a developer. I knew about how personal computers work however I didn’t have a laptop, thus I didn’t have a clue how it functioned. At a presentation, I saw a laptop associated with a projector, so I courageously went to it and began to squeeze keys randomly. Just after graduation, in 2016, I was relegated to work at EriTel, and with the certainty, I worked in school fixing workstations and telephones, I leased my own electronic shop, and authoritatively turned into a professional.

We heard you have created a lot of application soft wares; tell us about them?

At the point when I got reassigned to the Ministry of Defense, I saw that their vehicle information framework depended on books, and it took a ton of effort to look. So to address the bother I made a ‘car inventory application,’ which has administration enlistment date, license number, and date and number of fixes and this improved the browsing system. Encouraged by the results of that application, I created an inventory application for several businesses, especially supermarkets, kids’ stores, hardware stores, and kindergartens.

Ever since your new website was introduced on national TV, it has become the talk of the town. We are so interested in knowing about it?

Most importantly, I might want individuals to realize that I didn’t create only it. My companions, Eng. Michael Berhe and Eng. Aman Desbele, are my accomplices. The site is classified as “Kebhi”. We made it when we saw that our neighborhood writers don’t have the stage to sell their books in a global market except if they disperse them without anyone else, which is exceptionally debilitating and tedious. We made an honest effort to make it fit in the casing of the global norm for book shops. However, the writer should initially conclude whether to sell the book or give it away. We simply give space to perusers to purchase books or read from the gave ones on the off chance that they can’t stand to purchase books.

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