Encouraging blindness prevention efforts

Empowering eye treatment is being given in wellbeing offices in the Northern Red Sea locale with the view to decrease and in the long run destroy eye infections. 

Addressing Erina, Mr. Fesehaye Gergis, head of Communicable Diseases Control in the area said that Trachoma and Cataract are the fundamental driver of visual impairment and that at present principle accentuation is being given to destroy Trachoma from the locale. 

As indicated by Mr. Fesehaye the predominance of Trachoma that was from 5.5 to 10.3% in the sub-zones of Nakfa, Afabet, Sheib, Ghinda and Massawa in 2006 has right now been decreased to zero percent in the sub-zones of Nakfa, Alphabet and Massawa and underneath 1% in the sub-zones of Adobha, Ghinda and Sheib. 

Calling attention to that ordinary eye treatment is being given in Massawa, Ghinda and Afabet clinics, Mr. Fesehaye noticed that most eye infections result from absence of disinfection and could without much of a stretch be evaded through preventive systems and clinical treatment. 

Mr. Fesehaye likewise reminded general society to evade destructive practices that could prompt eye visual impairment and practice appropriate preventive drugs.