Embassy of the State of Eritrea United Kingdom

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the Court of St. James’ presents its commendations to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and wishes to cause you to notice the letter dated 4 November 2020 from Kate Osamor MP, for the benefit of the APPG on Eritrea. 

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea unequivocally and completely dismisses the APPG on Eritrea’s cases that Tigray, a locale in Ethiopia, is confronting dangers from the Government of Eritrea. 

The memorable Peace Agreement marked among Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2018 finished the twenty-year war and resulted in a no-war no-harmony balance between the two countries, sought after by the past Ethiopian system under TPLF. 

Two years on, the people groups of Eritrea and Ethiopia are yet to completely appreciate the profits of this nonaggression treaty because of sovereign Eritrean domains remaining wrongfully involved, and the harmony cycle held prisoner by the TPLF system in Tigray. 

As a country borne out of a battle for common liberties in an unstable locale, Eritrea has made critical steps, which cost it truly, in the advancement of harmony and steadiness in the Horn of Africa. 

The long history of the APPG on Eritrea’s hostile and vindictive demeanor towards the Government and People of Eritrea can’t be ignored. 

The Group’s unwarranted cases of dangers and aggression by the Government of Eritrea to the Tigray locale of Ethiopia is oblivious at its best and malevolent best case scenario. Infrequently looking for objective and dependable data, only depending on “reports” as well as insinuations produced by the thin organization of Eritrea’s main adversaries, effectively pursuing system change in Eritrea, the APPG on Eritrea has in actuality become a “mouthpiece” of system change activists and complicit in this plan.