Egypt’s FM urges quick release of fishermen detained in Eritrea

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry asserted to his Eritrean partner Osman Saleh Mohammed Egypt’s insight on delivering anglers held in Eretria as fast as could really be expected. 

Unfamiliar Ministry representative Ahmed Hafez said that Shoukry guided the Egyptian government office in Asmara to escalate endeavors, circle back to all improvements identified with the kept anglers and to arrange with the Eritrean specialists in regards to systems for their bringing home. 

In January, Egypt’s Immigration Ministry asked anglers to promptly quit getting to monetary waters of different nations, after numerous Egyptian fishing boats have been seized in Tunisia and other adjoining nations over unlawful fishing. 

The service said the state’s specialists are attempting to evade anglers from getting to other countries’ regional waters, out of regard to its global and legitimate responsibilities and its astuteness to secure Egyptian anglers. 

The service said family members of 61 anglers from Kafr El-Sheik in northern Egypt have asked the service for help as the anglers have been held in Tunisian Sfax port for three weeks.