Egypt hopes US’ Biden engages in Ethiopia dam crisis

Egypt on Friday approached the approaching US organization to assume a job in finding an answer for the Ethiopia dam emergency. 

Egypt’s true news organization cited Motaz Zahran, the envoy to the US, as saying that Egypt trusts approaching President Joe Biden will draw in with the three gatherings in the emergency – Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia – to gain ground. 

In a virtual gathering with the National Council on the US-Arab Relations Zahran, focused on two focuses on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile River: “First, Ethiopia’s requirements for improvement, and second, understanding the danger confronting Egypt and Sudan if the three nations can’t agree in such manner.” 

The active Trump organization interceded among Egypt and Ethiopia, he stated, yet the last wouldn’t proceed with the US endeavors and blamed Washington for being one-sided towards Cairo. 

Zahran advised against any one-sided move that may be made by Ethiopia which would hurt the three nations. 

Egypt has been restricting the dam since development started in 2011, saying it would diminish the progression of water downstream. 

Ethiopia keeps up the dam would be fundamental to tending to the nation’s intense deficiency of power for homegrown and modern use.