Efrem Fesaha is supporting the city of Seattle’s tourism industry with his Eritrean coffee shop.

The Seattle region lost billions of tourism dollars because cruises, conventions, and concerts were canceled this year due to the pandemic. Travel and tourism experts say the new marketing campaign is a reminder that we can all do our part to help local businesses in King County.” I took a trip to Eritrea in 2011 and I came back inspired,” said Efrem Fesaha, owner of Boon Boona Coffee in Renton. He has worked hard to make his dream business a reality.” As you can see, we are roasting behind us, so there’s a lot of freshly roasted coffee,” said Fesaha. Right after Boon Boona Coffee celebrated their 1-year anniversary, COVID-19 hit.”It definitely has been a hard period of time for all of us,” said Fesaha.”We are probably down about 50% “. The brand-new “Do Something” marketing campaign just launched this week.”We are asking the community broadly within King County to do something safely,” said President and CEO Tom Norwalk of Visit Seattle. Visit Seattle and Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority want locals to support businesses by spending money in King County before they go and travel somewhere else.” We want people to stay here, to spend their money here, and certainly in time as its safe, we want more visitors coming, staying in our region,” said Norwalk.”Focus on those smaller businesses, also businesses that are minority-owned that we can really make a big difference – by getting out for coffee, by going out to have dinner and takeout,” said Ashley Comar with Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority. You are encouraged to make a reservation.” It’s really great to learn about how chocolate is made and it’s a very family-friendly, educational and entertaining activity,” said Jean Thompson, Owner, and CEO of Seattle Chocolates.”Everyone wears masks, every service is diligently cleaned, and we have limited the samples that we used to give,” said Thompson. Seattle Chocolates and Boon Boona Coffee are just two of many local places counting on your support.” The more awareness we can provide to small businesses out there that are working hard, struggling to make it through,” said Fesaha.”We appreciate it”.

Source: https://komonews.com/news/local/new-do-something-campaign-spend-and-support-local-businesses-in-seattleking-county