Diplomats Decry Violence, Call for Withdrawal of Eritrean Troops from Ethiopia

The U.S. organization additionally said it has gotten believable reports that Eritrean powers dispatched gunnery assaults from their side of the boundary on the side of Ethiopian government troops battling powers of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front . 

Envoy Dina Mufti, representative for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the Ethiopian government has “seen reports” that Eritrean soldiers had entered the nation yet didn’t affirm it. 

He said it isn’t amazing that Eritrea would move to protect its line because of the “bellicose mentality” of the TPLF, yet he rejected that Ethiopia had requested Eritrean help. 

“At the point when the Eritrean president acknowledged the call from Ethiopia, the main thing he said was ‘game over’ to TPLF,” Mesfin told VOA. 

Isaias, an unpleasant foe of late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who drove the TPLF, accepted that the TPLF held Eritrean resistance powers in northern Ethiopia. 

Following a November 4 assault on the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s Northern Command in Tigray by TPLF powers, Ethiopian soldiers were dissipated and requested to withdraw to positions inside Eritrea. 

Mesfin said Eritrean powers entered northern Ethiopia and assumed responsibility for exile camps where Eritreans had been living. 

An open letter endorsed by around 1,000 individuals distributed on change.org condemns “the job of the Eritrean military in oppressing individuals of Tigray and Eritrean evacuees in Tigray to conditions that prompted killings, looting, sexual brutality, annihilation of legacy locales and dislodging.”