Construction of Shambiko-Barentu Highway in Eritrea in good progress

As indicated by Mr. Teame Ande, facilitator of the street development project, the street work is being done by the participation of Bidho General Construction Company and the Adi-Halo Project. 

“So far the street from Bushuka to Barentu is being built by supplanting the previous street by another new 20m wide and 10 km since quite a while ago extended and redesigned current roadway,” said Mr. Ande while recognizing the way that the Shambiko-Barentu Highway street has been hard for transportation. 

Estifanos Tesfagabir said that the development work incorporates fixing and growing of organization of streets, and building the new parkway which is essential for the key Mendefera-Barentu Highway. 

Estifanos further added that various current hardware and talented human force conveyed at the street work is contributing to the adequacy of the assignment and communicated conviction that the development of the Barentu-Shambiko Highway will be finished sooner rather than later. 

The following more significant level street is an auxiliary street and commonly is a solitary layered black-top street that interfaces region capitals together and those to the local capitals.