Commemorating the glorious Forto movement

 January 21, 2021 marks the eighth anniversary of the glorious Fortu movement led by martyr Said Ali Hajjai and the Comrades of Achaus, a bold movement that changed the street’s perception of the regime and its power, which is nothing but paper, so we can say that talking about this movement and what it has done should be taken from those who were close to the actors and at worst those who lived the events closely.

What made me say this is what I have followed in the last two days on social media about the Forto movement, which is mostly contradictory information, although it is intended to commemorate, but it does not serve the naked truth in our view.

I would like here to mention after the information that I know by virtue of my presence in Eritrea at the moment of the glorious movement, I was in the city of Karn to participate in a social event which is the marriage of one of the members of the Ministry of Information, and on the second day on our way back to Asmara one of the brothers called the brother who was with me and told him what happened and told him that the movement announced its statement and all the details related to the event that day.

When we arrived we found the spread of the news and that the people in Asmara addressed it in its sessions, the regime felt the interaction of the street with the event, so it was rumored that the people who carried out the movement are Muslims and from the coast, but did not find their rumors this response, but the Christians mocked them before the Muslims and I remember that quite a few Christian brothers said: in reference to the insult of action and rejection of the regime.

The regime was afraid of echoing the rumors that united the people, especially the heroic role of the movement’s implementers, the movement was very precise in terms of the order and the goal that was to storm the headquarters of the Ministry of Information, because a meeting of the Cabinet was scheduled to be held there by the tyrant Isaias, and another force was tasked with supporting the Fortu group and seizing the rest of the government facilities, but the news leaked ahead of the scheduled date of the operation, which changed the balances and changed the location of the meeting with him, and the work of the tyrant, and the work of the tyrant On securing facilities and hiring additional troops to arrest and eliminate the leaders of the movement, he commissioned some of the military leaders, led by SwamA Afrim and Omar Tawil to contact the support force, which was stationed several kilometers from Asmara and asked them to submit their demands, and that the government is ready to meet them, immediately the support force confirmed that the matter has been revealed and they contacted Said Ali Hajjai and his companions in the Forto and informed them about the matter and asked them to withdraw.

Those who advanced and led the movement were first-class leaders in the Eritrean state, including the minister, the director, high-ranking military leaders and regional governors, who chose to lead this movement even though they knew what would happen to them if it did not succeed.

In conclusion, I appeal to all the Eritrean people at home and abroad to work hard to rid our people of the rule of the tyrant Isaias and his clique.