Birth-Related Customs in Eritrea

In high country Eritrea, when a lady conceives an offspring, another lady passes titiqo house to house all through the town. 

“The lady that has cows,” he clarified, “comprehends the lactating lady’s requirements, and furthermore realizes who can give milk and who can’t. 

At dusk, conveying a container of milk the lady visits the one who had a child. 

On the off chance that the lady had her infant in a medical clinic, neighbors invite her and her child similarly when she returns home. 

After the introduction of her first child, the lady doesn’t re-visitation of her home from the emergency clinic however goes straight away to her folks’. 

She needs to figure out how to wash the child, which is certainly not a simple accomplishment for a lady who had her first infant. 

It turns into even more essential for a lady to have her first infant in her folks’ home on the off chance that she lives alone, or in a compound with ‘complete outsiders’ and, hence, don’t have any desire to be troubled by the concerns and issues of other ‘complete outsiders’. 

Subsequently, a lady has her first kid at her folks’, as the custom requires.