Birth of a Lake

Eritrea’s purpose to create and achieve social change has been found in its Government’s assurance to change its horticulture relied on building dams. The development of Kerkebet dam, the biggest dam in Eritrea, is a valid example. 

Kerkebet dam was worked along Barka River with the end goal of enlarging the water assets of Eritrea and changing the environment of its encompassing. Barka River, the second biggest occasional stream in Eritrea, streams from the good countries to the immense fields of the Gash-Barka district. 

Before the development of Kerkebet dam, broad starter plan and achievability examines were completed to investigate and choose an appropriate site. 

The dam has become a wellspring of life in the dry district where it is found, and with the development of the solid obstruction, the waterway presently withdraws for around 14 kms. 

In light of the investigations, which included land studies to distinguish the sorts and properties of rocks at the stream bed, an appropriate territory at the tightest bed part of Barka River must be recognized as the dam’s site. 

Kerkebet water asset advancement project was started to utilize the huge prolific agrarian regions in Kerkebet sub-zone. 

Mr. Getachew Merhatsion, senior supervisor of EMIC, said that Kerkebet dam was built with a dream of developing around 26,463 hectares, which does exclude the 2000 hectares of homestead land in Afhimbol. 

The solid piece of the dam was built by Keyih-Bahri Construction Company while the earth dike was developed by Bidho General Construction Company.